Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Summer starts

Getting good use of the Hulk Hands.  How cute is Bruce?  Such a little dude and such a big hand!

 Trampoline is outside... sad.  But Popsicles help!

 Regular crazy family time at home... and outside!

I had the chance to go to girls camp this year!  It was just ward camp and our group is small.  We had 10 girls and 5 leaders total.  We decided a whole week was more than we needed, so we shortened it to about 2 days!  Monday morning to Wednesday morning.  Everything went great on the drive up.  However, about 4 hours after we'd been there I noticed my van's back left tire was totally flat!  I panicked slightly because I knew I had a spare tire, just not any tools.  They never got replaced from the last time we had tire problems. Thankfully we had 3 other cars in our group who all had theirs.  Unfortunately not all makes and models are compatible.  We got one of the jack's to work but no one had the right lug nut wrench size.  So, we had to seek help from the ranch's workers.  A sweet 16 year old boy managed to track down one that worked!  He even put the spare on for us!  Needless to say, a lot of our girls were pretty smitten with him!  After a few long distance phone calls with my husband, we decided it would be best to try and get my flat tire patched.  Another leader and I took her car with my flat tire back into town, adding another hour and a half drive down, and back!  We were fortunate enough to get right in and patch the tire no problem.  Didn't even have to pay for it!  Thank you Les Schwab!  What a blessing!  The man who helped us noted that the speed in which I was driving on that 20 mile dirt road most likely resulted in my flat.  My tires were pretty worn already apparently... something I'll have to keep in mind next time I decide to go roughin' it in my minivan!  Anyway, we got some dinner, then headed back up to camp.  We arrived just before dark. 

The rest of the time was pure awesomeness!  There were so many activities like, horse back riding, mini golf, hiking, archery, swimming, lake time with paddle boats, even pavilion games like Ping Pong and Foosball.  It was a blast!  Even the food was provided!  We didn't have to do any cooking or cleaning!  That's how I like to camp!!

When it was time to go home, I decided to drive EXTRA SUPER SLOW on the dirt road so as not to have the same thing happen.  Well, it took over an hour but we came off the dirt road just in time for a smooth ride.  Except, it wasn't smooth.  Yep, my other back tire had blown... and I mean blown!  Huge tear!  Thankfully our cell phones had just gotten service again so we could call the rest of the group and ask for help.  I was going to need tools again, that I did not have.  Half of our group was up the road at a gas station.  One of our leaders was pregnant and just had to stop to use the bathroom!  At some point she got our call and asked around at the gas station for a lug nut wrench.  So imagine this tiny 7 month pregnant woman standing there holding a lug nut wrench, her car full of young women, all of which are unkempt from lack of showers and such, talking on her cell phone.  Two men must have took pity on her and asked if she needed help.  When I got the call and heard the offer made, I gladly accepted.  Now, I can change a tire, probably.... but I sure didn't feel that comfortable doing it.  We still had about a 2 hour drive ahead of us to get home and I did not feel confident in my skills at the time.  These kind men who showed up just happened to be on a lunch break and became our instant heroes!  They got it changed in minutes and we were back on the road in no time!  Although the drive home took a while since I couldn't go full speed on my donut.  But who cares, we made it home safely. 

Really, things could have gone so much worse.  Whenever adversity this big hits me, I like to think about all the what if's.  What if I never noticed my flat until it was time to leave?  I could have had a dented rim and really been stranded.  What if I never took the first flat to get patched?  I could have been using my spare when the other one went out and then I would have been really stuck!  What if I had more than just one other leader in the car?  I could have stranded a bunch of girls for a long time.  (My car was the one loaded with everyone's gear.)  What if those kind strangers didn't offer their help?  It would have taken a lot longer to get things taken care of.  What if I did change the tire and didn't do it right?  Yikes!  What if the second tire had blown before we had cell reception?  We would have been stranded much much longer.  -When I look at the "what if's" I can't help but feel blessed.  I have no doubt that someone was watching out for us, for me.  Someone wanted me there and wanted me and all of us to be safe and feel the magic bond you only get at girls camp.  I even got to give a brief testimony at church the next Sunday and that's what I shared.  Trials will come, but He will always give help along the way.  Be brave, hope for the best, and endure.  Blessings will come.  I'm so grateful for the whole experience.  I love these women!   


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Mother's Day Surprise!!

We took a spontaneous trip to Arizona to surprise my Mom for Mother's Day.  John happened to be off for the weekend and he had the idea and we ran with it!  Well, we drove.  First we went to Las Vegas to visit my newest nephew.  We stayed one night with my brother's family and then headed to AZ the next day.  I arranged things with my Dad ahead of time to make sure they would be home.  It all worked out well and my Mom was so surprised!  Here's EZ as we were taking off.

We picked up a bouquet of flowers and had EZ stand at the front door with them.  It took a few minutes for her to come to the door but when she did she kept saying, "Oh My Goodness!!!"  She was so happy that it scared EZ a little bit!  We did try to prep him before hand... he warmed up quickly enough.  My Dad came through the door in rollerblades and when asked he said, "I bought them 20 years ago at a garage sale and never wore them.."  Haha, classic!

 They really have the best toys and interesting things to do!  This little car was a big hit!  Here's Bruce almost falling off as he hit the gas!


Cool helmet!
 Dinner at Pizza Hut.  We nearly had the place to ourselves so the boys found it necessary to make it their own!

 Park time! 

 Some more cool toys were these soft Hulk hands.  They make sounds when hit and the boys loved running around hitting things, including each other.  Here's EZ being super serious and then very happy!
At the end of the day when we had just gone to bed (the kids were in the same room as us) EZ says, "this was the best day ever!!"  Made me feel so good.  At 4 years old, going to a park, a restaurant, and playing with new toys makes any day a great day!

 Distractions at church!

 He just looked so cute squatting in the grass!  

 More outdoor fun! 

Too much fun wares us out!  Well, it wares out some people... I love the story that you see develop in these pictures.  


 Making chocolate dipped strawberries!  What a great treat!  

I realized afterwards that I got almost no pictures of the adults... total fail.  But we had a good time too!  It was so nice to get away for a bit and just be home.  Even though I never lived in this house of my parents, it's still nice to feel home when I'm with them!  A trip to remember for sure!  Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Forgive me, I'm so behind...

I can't believe it's September of 2017 and I have not put up any pictures from this year... I got a nice camera and pretty much only used it at Christmas time.  I still need to get an adapter chord to hook it up to my computer and that simple task has still got me beat.  Sheesh!  How pathetic am I?  Sorry folks.  So, those Christmas pics will just have to wait and wait some more!  Let's see if I can even remember the start of this year..

In early January John took some time off and we had a nice stay-cation.  His sister took the kids for 2 days and we went out to eat, got a couples massage, watched a bunch of movies, caught up on cleaning/organizing.  It was so nice and so needed!

Here's some pictures from January-through part of May.  It's cold outside and this guy hates being bundled up.  Most of his pictures don't have much meaning, I just like to see him in his regular routine.  High chair.  Playing.  Big brother stealing the show.  Attitude going from good to bad...or bad to good.  You'll see.


 His class went to the Bean Museum and Bruce and I tagged along.   
I love this picture because it shows real-life moments.  Trying to get a cute 
picture of the two of them and they're looking different directions and squished up faces, it's just fun for me!

 Love these cheesy faces

 Another typical picture.  Trying to be silly and someone has to be cranky and push someone else out of the way.

EZ loves to help.  Here he begged to help Dad with the dishes.  He did a good job too!  
Hopefully that attitude sticks when he's old enough to do real chores!! 
 Another fun day at school.  Driving toy monster trucks in chocolate pudding and making tracks is always a great time!

 The weather is getting warmer and we love to be outside in it!  

In March at a mutual night activity we had an awesome walk-through Plan of Salvation.  My part had to do in the Spirit World... where I was in charge of a fog machine... and I pressed that little button so much that it set off the church's smoke detector.  WHOOPS!  I was so embarrassed and well, kind of ruined a 
spiritual moment... but hey!  It was a night they'll never forget!

 We got to go on a date to a JAZZ game!  

 Easter fun with the cousins!

Little dude with big dreams...

 Cute kids!  Haha

 One day EZ really wanted to go bowling, so we did!  

              More outside fun

In April, or May, we moved our trampoline outside.  What a mistake that was!  It got so hot so fast that we never went outside to use it!  They definitely don't get as much exercise either.  So, what to do?  We don't want it inside taking up most of our living room... but what a waste to have it outside getting weather damage and what not.  First world problems right??

Well Mother's day was extra nice this year, I got an iphone!  Much better picture quality! Next post!!