Friday, July 13, 2018

Spring time

Back to Thanksgiving Point we go!  With cousins!  That pass was such a great purchase.  We had been trying to spend a lot of time with the cousins before we moved.  We also went to the Nickle Mania arcade with them too.  Plus many other places and things.  It sure was nice living so close by.  


  Some days are just selfie day fun!

Outside fun with neighbors.  

Another Thanksgiving Point trip.  This time we went to the Tulip Festival with some other friends.  It was my first time there and I was pretty blown away... figuratively and physically!  It was quite a windy day.  There was so much to see and do, I had no idea!  So many themed gardens and decor that was truly impressive.  I think feeding the fish was the kids favorite part!  I think the waterfalls were mine. 


EZ looked especially cute this day so I tried to capture it.  Of course Bruce wanted in as well!

Snuggle time with Daddy.  The last picture is just hilarious.  This is what taking pictures of kids is like sometimes.  One of them says, okay sure and smiles cutely while the other just falls apart and melts into the floor because taking a photo at that time is the worst possible thing you could force them to do in that moment.  We captioned it with, "Mondays for some people... and Mondays for me!"

Friday, April 13, 2018

2018 begins

Trying to play catch up can be so hard.  This year has already been so busy and it's technically only April.  I can't really think of anything that's been going on except one big thing, which I'll get to later.  So here are some randoms from the last couple months.  Playing in the park when we thought it was a nice day but it was still super cold.... EZ and Bruce's faces smashed together as they stole my phone and were trying to figure out how to take pictures of themselves.....  A walk to the mail box.  Bruce was wearing EZ's boots and Dad's hat and still in his pajamas.  He looked awesome, to say the least.  Had to get a picture.  EZ also had a mohawk for a while... a lunch date with friends because one of them has since moved away.... EZ and Bruce finding envelopes which they of course had to wear and turn them into hats.... Typical driving around town and they wanted to hold hands in the car.  Sorry it's blurry.... Fun family time when someone comes to visit! .... Crazy Brucie boy, that's a magna doodle that he couldn't carry in his hands because his hands were full of toys.  The sad one is we started selling a bunch of our stuff and he had a hard time letting go...


EZ finally made it to the dentist.  He has perfect teeth!  Although his molars are already growing in. He's pretty young to have lost 2 teeth already and be growing in adult molars.  He takes it like a champ!  He really didn't like the dentist at first but after a while he calmed down and actually really enjoyed himself.  They turned on a movie for him and that totally helped!  He also loved having his teeth flossed!  I took Bruce too but he didn't get anything done.  He did sit on my lap and behaved very well while I got a filling....  The next one is just Bruce gazing out the window while his cousin's cat did the same.  Cute little buddies!  EZ and that boy sitting next to him is his best friend.  He tells us all the time how much he likes him and wants to play with him.  We loved having him and his little brother over to play that day.....  I just crack up and the silly faces Bruce makes. He loves to make them too!  
Easter!!!  We had a local egg hunt at our church.  A few days later we dyed eggs with cousins and grandparents.  Sadly didn't take pictures that night.  Too busy cleaning up after crazy kids!!  I did get them both new buckets after this because, well, it was just kind of sad! Bruce caught on pretty fast as to finding and picking up the eggs.  He started doing it at the store though, grabbing a bucket of some kind and putting whatever he wanted inside it... he did not like that that is not okay.  One thing EZ really loves about his best friend are his dress up costumes.  So the Easter bunny brought some capes and masks.  Altogether there is Batman, Superman, The Flash, Captain America, and Spiderman.  I know, mixing super hero universes... but how cute is Bruce with the mask half off his face and he doesn't even care?  Plus EZ's huge smile made it so worth it!  Later in the day we went over to some other family's for dinner.  Family dinners are always amazing and full of awesome food!  Here's the kids in the car showing their excitement!  Haha!!  Oh how I need to take more pictures of just John and I and not from a driving in the car angle.  Oh well, at least I got that much!


To wrap up... more silly faces!!  We took the kids to Macey's for ice cream cones.  It was way too messy but they loved it!  So if you've gotten this far and are wondering what it is I've hinted to but haven't stated yet, it's that we have decided to move!  We are leaving Utah and headed to Arizona.  We are going to live in my parent's house while they are living elsewhere for now.  John can get paid better there as well as receive loan reimbursement.  We don't have any jobs lined up yet because he has to get licensed first.  He graduates in just a few more weeks and we can not be more excited and ready!  We are looking forward to the next new journey of our lives.  Wish us luck!  We may need it... :)