Saturday, December 2, 2017

Fall Time

Summer's coming to a close and we are hitting the clearance racks... and the regular ones too.  I don't love shopping for the kids, with the kids, unless I find something I'm excited about, thus hoping to get them excited about it too.  A Harry Potter shirt?  Um, check!  He's trying to show me the whole shirt so he's pulling his face back because that helps... ha!  I love that triple chin!

We didn't buy EZ's school picture this year but they sent me a digital copy anyway.  Kinda think I should have bought them... because how adorable is this guy??  Oh I love that face!
 The weather is also just beautiful in September/October so of course we're going to the park a lot!  I always get compliments on Bruce's sunglasses.  I got them at the dollar store of all places.  But yeah, they're pretty rad!  And cute!

 Pumpkin patch time!  EZ loves it more every year as he grows and learns to have fun.  He used to be so timid about trying new stuff or being around a bunch of strangers.  But not anymore!  He will take right off and have himself a ton of fun!  It's good for him, and usually for me too!
 At the top of the haystack!  

Zoom in on Bruce's face in this pic.  I don't know why or how he made that face but I'm so glad I captured it!  Haha!  Last one is on the tractor ride.
Bruce is into wearing hats lately and he loves taking big brother's.  He just looked so adorable I had to snap some pictures. 

EZ started another gym.  It's just one month long and they introduce the kids to all kinds of sports.  He totally loved it and wants to keep doing fun activities like this.  It just gets hard with winter around the corner.  We do what we can, when we can!
We went to Cornbelly's for the first time!  We met up with our neighbor friends.  EZ and Emily get along great.  We kind of tease them that their each other's boyfriend/girlfriend. Their just so cute together!  All of the kids had a blast!  The adults did too actually.  It is such a cool place with so much to do!  It was perfect weather too.  Bruce slept in the stroller but woke up wet and I didn't have any extra clothes for him so he sported his jacket around his waist.  A little ghetto but he rocked it!  Haha


Bruce has found his "silly" face and we absolutely love it!!!

Another trip to the pumpkin patch.  Such a fun activity to do with friends!

 EZ's had a loose tooth for a while.  Pretty early for his age!  It got real wiggly one night so we decided to tie a string to it and do the slam-the-door maneuver.  Okay, do you know how hard it actually is to tie a string to a tooth?  Really hard!  It kept sliding off.  It took us over 10 minutes to do it.  Finally, I got it to come out.  We could even see the new one coming through.  EZ did a great job too.  He kept giggling and saying, "I can't believe I lost my first tooth!"  He said that for a whole week!  He's getting to be such a big boy!  Oh and the tooth fairy brought him a dollar coin.  He was so sad at first because he thought the tooth fairy was going to bring him a new toy.... guess we didn't quite explain it well enough to him!  He got excited eventually about having his own money.  He hasn't spent it yet though... he's a saver.  I guess we got that lesson down!  Haha!

It's getting colder and there are leaves EVERYWHERE!  We had to spend some time playing in the leaves before it got too chilly! I'm so glad when EZ has the desire to play outside, we gotta soak it up before winter gets here!

We had a family night with cousins and grandparents where we each painted a pumpkin.  Mine was a super hero one.  Here's the best picture of The Flash.  I also have Superman and Batman on the other sides.  They didn't turn out as good as The Flash so we'll just post one picture!  The other littler one is EZ's.  Bruce and Dad did one together.  I guess I didn't get a picture of that one... it was real tiny and had a funny face on it.  It's always so fun to paint pumpkins with kids.  I hope we keep this a tradition.  I haven't carved a pumpkin in years and I really have no desire to!  Hee hee
Costumes!!!  The kids got to wear their costumes for 4 or 5 different days.  We had a neighborhood trunk or treat, family party, school, then actual Halloween and lots of trick or treating.  The kids got way too much candy.  I decided I'm not buying candy ever again on Halloween.  I'm just going to give out glow sticks.  I've done both the last couple of years and it's too much!  All the kids who come to my home can afford one less piece of candy and instead a light to keep them safe in the dark!  EZ went as Optimus Prime and Bruce went as Batman. (EZ's costume from when he was that age, reusing stuff is great!)  It was extra fun this year!  The boys have really been enjoying playing together and just being together.  I love this stage!

We bought bounce back passes when we went to Cornbelly's the first time and so this time we had to go with Daddy!  It was way colder then we expected and we were not dressed well enough for it.  But, it was still fun and still totally worth it!
EZ had gym on Halloween morning.  Bruce got to wear his Halloween shirt before changing into his costume later.  Here we are just waiting and watching EZ.  Bruce seriously has one of the cutest faces ever!  He's so good at making lots of different expressions.  I love that silly face!  The last picture is at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  The kids have so much fun with those cats every time we go there and the cats are great with the kids.  I just thought it was cute seeing a little Batman nearly having a conversation with a little kitty.  Kids are the best!
Wow this post was so long!  Thanks for making it to the end.  Fall is such a fun time of year!  I love blogging because I get to look back on all the fun!  Capturing these moments are something I hope my kids will enjoy in their future too!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Back to school already?

Time flies when you post a few months at a time!  Ha!  Well here's EZ on his first day of Pre-school.  Then there's Bruce photo bombing!

We have a pass, so we go go go!  Another trip to Thanksgiving Point!  Look at that hair and those lips!  The kids had to go on the donkey's twice.  It really is the best part of Farm Country. 

 John, being from St. Louis, loves his Cardinals.  He happened to find this Cardinals kids hat that matches the same one he has so of course he had to buy it.  It's adjustable too so the kids can even share it!  Matchy matchy!

Wait, Thanksgiving Point again?  Why not!  This time, Dinosaur Museum!  We've started going so much now, I hardly take any pictures because it's all the same.  Just don't tell the kids!

So Grandma and Grandpa (John's parents) moved down the street AND got two kittens, Sugar and Spice.  They are adorable and my kids beg to play with them every day!  I love Bruce's face in this first picture.  He's so excited by everything they do.  Then here's an opposite look.  Crying because Mom has to do dishes and can't play.  Really is shocking I get anything done (like blogging)!  Playing is more fun, believe me!  Go ahead, jump on my back some more!  Last pic, the hair lays down, with some help from product! So cute!

Out to eat! 

EZ has such a fun time at school!  He's getting so big!!  What's better than making cookies? 
Oh right, eating them!