Tuesday, January 10, 2017

End of 2016

Even though Halloween is over, we still had a shirt that needed to be worn before he's grown out of it next year.  Seriously how cute is this face?

             EZ likes to "hold" Bruce
  He got this puff stuck to his cheek and didn't notice.  It was there for a few minutes and it just made me laugh so hard! 

 Enjoying the outdoors while we still have some nice weather.    
 Bruce is almost walking!
 Someday Bruce will hold still... Or I'll get a faster camera!  They love riding in the grocery cart together.

Having fun at play places because sure enough it got too cold outside!  

 EZ "feeding" baby Hulk a bottle.  He wants to be a helper and it's adorable!


   11 Months old

EZ looking so cute at school having a Thanksgiving "feast." 
 Silly times in the car seat.

  Saw this on a side walk and it spoke to me!   Look at Bruce getting ready for Christmas.
 EZ loves to join me when I'm getting ready in the mornings.  He really just likes to try on my heels!

 He did it again!
   He got really excited about the formula container and kept squishing up his face with excitement.  It was too cute to pass up!

He's walking and getting into all sorts of mischief.  Oy! So we had to put up a gate! How cute is he all bundled up?


 Bruce loves going outside so sure enough we bundle up and go!  Check out my cool camera shot!

  Stinkin' cute!  EZ turns 4!

The boy's birthdays are 2 days apart so the day in between we took them to the Thanksgiving Point Curiosity Museum. I think they had fun!

Happy 1st Birthday little dude!

Selfies with the kids

Birthday hats from Grandmother

Merry Christmas!  So I got a nice new camera finally!!!  But I still don't have a chord for it to upload to my computer.  Oy!  More Christmas pictures to come...